Spring & Fall Cleanup

Let us prepare your lawns and landscape beds for the upcoming season with removal of debris, leaves, tree limbs etc. Offered as a Spring and Fall cleanup package.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing service includes mowing, trimming, and blowing off all clippings.  We use top of the line equipment and service both residential as well as commercial properties.  We guarantee to leave your yard with a clean, crisp, and manicured appearance!

Trimming & Pruning

K&K has the knowledge and experience to professionally prune your ornamental plants, whether that involves a natural or formal look. Nicely trimmed shrubs compliment you and your home. It also helps to maintain a healthier plant. While we are trimming, we will inspect plants for damaging insects, diseases, rubbing branches, and broken branches you may not have noticed.

Get your young trees off to a good start by having us professionally prune them. Many structural problems can be avoided by pruning trees when they are still small. Proper pruning gets young trees off to the right start, saving costly tree trimming in the future.

Bed Edging & Mulch Application

K&K offers edging and mulching to your existing beds, or even creating new landscape beds. Mulching can do many things for your garden. Using mulch can reduce the need to weed, lower the amount of watering required, and help maintain a healthy garden.

Most importantly, mulch holds moisture and protects your soil from drying out. Mulch works like a sponge, holding water and slowly releasing it into the soil for use by your plants. Mulch can also be damaging to a plant if installed improperly, which is why our employees make sure to install the mulch at the proper depth.

Bed Maintenance

Not everyone has the time to keep garden beds and flower beds in perfect condition all year long, but just because you have a packed schedule doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of nature at your home. This is where K&K Lawn Care can help. The bed maintenance services we offer such as weed control, edge definition, fresh mulch, and plant care will have your planting beds looking fresh and clean for the season.

Landscape Design & Installation

A professionally designed and installed landscape will not only enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors, but also add value to your home. At K&K Lawn Care and Landscaping our professional team will work closely with you to create a landscape that is attractive, functional, and sustainable.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet important parts of lawn care maintenance, is overseeding. Although your lawn may look healthy and is well fertilized, it is good to overseed it every three to four years. A turf lawn is no different than any other living organism–it too grows weaker with age. In approximately five to six years your grass begins to slow down its rate of reproduction. Once this slowdown occurs the grass becomes thinner and vulnerable to weed growth within it. What’s more, when your grass begins to thin out you run a higher risk of having your turf become infected with diseases.

Overseeding your grass will make your turf thicker (as it is in its healthiest state), prevent the growth of weeds, and protect your turf from being contaminated with diseases.

Core Aeration

Have you ever seen thumb size pellets lying around in someone’s lawn? The odds are good that those are there because of core aeration. Aerating your lawn in the early Fall is very important and here is why:

– Eliminates soil compaction
– Improves water infiltration & rooting
– Reduces thatch
– Helps your lawn cope with hot and dry spells

An aerator leaves little holes in the ground and finger size pellets on top after it passes over an area. These holes help eliminate soil compaction which can hinder the growth of your turf. In addition, they provide areas for water, air, and other nutrients to directly access the root systems of a lawn. Meanwhile, the pellets left on the surface help reduce thatch and redistribute soil throughout the lawn.